Saturday, December 25, 2010

Vincent Price: A humorist at his core

For an actor known for his work in films ranging from director Roger Corman to Tim Burton, he's a man of superior ability in all forms of entertainment. I present Vincent Price!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Off Topic: In other news, Banksy rips apart Fox / The Simpsons "Banksy takes Simpsons to sweatshop"

The above video is not only storyboarded, but directed by "British graffiti artist, political activist and painter" Banksy. The work of Bansky is known worldwide - He's done art in New Orleans:

He's done art in London, England:

You can view his work as your wallpaper on website No advertisement, but their wallpaper is always high-quality and diverse in selection. I use them weekly for updating mine. Anyway - Check out the video if you like, friends! I'm out. Questions? Comments? Hit me up.

Signing off, D. Gomez

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Monday Edition of Danny's Biz!

Dear Friends -

I've been off work for over 2 hours and I'm feeling terrific. Here's a video for all of you on this beautiful, chilly Monday night:

Signing off, D. Gomez

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Katy Perry is TITS!

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Seriously, I would ride in them. If you would like to, vote Y/N?

Editor note: This picture / post is completely 100% ownership of Flora. The title also is dedicated to her. Thanks again to Flora! :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aisha - The Faux Pop Idol?

In the Billboard Top 200, we're flooded with American Idols from Simon Cowell's eponymous TV show of the same name. The measure of success in the U.S and other countries is measured by page views or demographics i.e. YouTube or Reality television. As a society, we've become too involved in these 15 minutes of fame stars (as artist Andy Warhol called them) and we've largely ignored real talent. Kelly Clarkson, for example, is the only notable American Idol contest to come out of the contest and rise as a singer after the show ended. Susan Boyle, a surprise favorite on Britian's Got Talent, has risen much to the acclaim of her critical and public success after appearing on that show. With Aisha, I feel like we're recieving a pre-packaged Swedish Prostitute with a voice. And it doesn't work for me. Does she work for you? Vote Yes/No.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Newest single by Lauris Reiniks "I Will Run"

Music Review - Pop Edition!
The newest single is comparable to a hokey Gogol Bordello meets watered down Lens Lekman
This song was written with the intent to give the similar vibe Nickelback, Jason Mraz and Lady Gaga's pop songs provide: To cause it's listeners to recieve cancerous lesions in their brain. Judging from this song, it sounds like he's imitating a poor man's Gogol Bordello, a Ukrainian Gypsy punk band. but Lauris Reiniks takes it even further! In his music video, a dance sequence with a ton of gorgeous gals appear. So he's trying to appeal to the mainstream Hip-Hop crowd and teenie boppers. In conclusion, if you like your music to treat you like most women, pick up his piece of shit record and enjoy listening. Recommended: Jens Lekman. He's a better artist than this fuck ever will be.

D. Gomez signing off.

Net Neutrality is the Future

Submit your link [for the future]! let the FCC know Net Neutrality is the only option:

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Thanks for the tip on FCC's 30 day option for the public to respond to the FCC, Jeff! You're a good amigo.

Hump Day Wednesday - Adorable Attack!

Dedicated to my best friend Brianna. Happy Wednesday, Everyone! Enjoy the rest of your day

This week's edition of Danny's Biz - Are we living in a Latvian World?

Dear World and Latvia - Here's a gorgeous picture of a location in Latvia, it's a city surpassed by none I've seen throughout Europe:

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For a country as plentiful and filled with beautiful cities and the best athletic programs in the world, Latvia is also the best bouncing back country since the near recession of the Bush Administration as anyone can view from Europe, U.S or Germany is concerning. With a job rate dropping dramatically every month (Most recent of this posting is less than 14% from August '10) it's a exciting time to live within Latvia and meet and connect with it's people as anytime. So, with this mind followers, I'd encourage you all to research and maybe plan a trip to Latvia. Good locations, Good people and Fine women! Anyway, in my timezone it's close to bed and I'll need to stop here to follow-up in 2-3 more editions about Latvia in the future. It's been a pleasure. This is D. Gomez signing off. Good fight and Goodnight.

Trivia fact related to Latvia. [FAKE] This message is provided to you by - "Know your meme and shut your mouth brother": In June 2008, a current world record set by Latvian business students with 1,911 simultaneous geysers for the experiment Diet Vs. Mentos (2002) was set.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Off Topic: Celebrity Trash ***NEWS UPDATE**** Linday Lohan is a crack whore. Y/N? Personally...

Open Letter to Ms. Lindsay Lohan

Dear Lindsay,
For a celebrity with as much promise and potential as Linday Lohan, I wonder where the fuck her common sense went. Seriously. Comedy Central's height of comedy was Dave Chappelle's Show, but he quit and travelled to Africa to solve his problems. What does Linday Lohan do? You snort coke off lesbian DJ's navels and boozes it up at VIP parties with a monitoring bracelet on her ankle. Yet, she's pictured here:
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On her right ankle, you can see it. Seriously, you've got to ask - What the fuck, LL? Are you a cum dumpster? Get your shit together.

Quit trying to crash your career like Corey Haim did (RIP). Any Juliard School actor in their Freshman year could replace you in moments with your roles in cult classics like I Know Who Killed Me, box-office bomb Georgia Rule when you hardly showed up on set for shooting and paycheck movie Just My Luck. With that being said, you've made good films: Mean Girls, Herbie: Fully Loaded, written by Thomas Lennon and Rob Ben Garant, Prairie Home Companion and Machete.

To conclude, all I'm trying to point out to you LL: stop the debauchery and work on acting again. I think you've got talent, kid. Show it. P.S I don't think you're a cum dumpster. I'm just kiddin (or am I?).

Sincerely, Concerned & Non-Loving fan

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