Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lesson 3. Fixing and Maintaining a Business for Woot or Blogger or any site

(Or How I sold my website and I'm a multi-billionaire and buy a mound of coke to snort like Al Pacino in Scarface - He's my hero)
If you guess the 1960's anti-war film title I'm referencing, I'll write a blog about whatever you decide and I'll dedicate it to you

As I've discussed in previous entries, success is purely based on attitude. Any business in the U.S, India, China - small or mega corporation - always work on the platform of a working business model / practice. In a economy struggling to stay afloat, the suggestions I've researched and scoured the net to find ways to learn AND earn about business are launching points to everyone:
1. Amazon - The website, thanks to Jeff Bezos, was made into the widest international vendor of any and all products distributed found in a website because of dedication and hardwork from operating out of his tiny garage to corporate level boss. To continue onto the relevant point, though lol Amazon allows a seller to easily place their merchandise on their website for a minimal fee and once said merchandise is bought, Amazon takes care of the rest.

2. Craigslist - As a Wikipedia entry states, it's a "centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements – with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, communitys, gigs, resumes and discussion forums" But I call it a virtual classified sections. And as such, you can sell any item on the website without a seller charge. Terrific site.

3. Jakob Lodwick - If you're familiar with, or and their outstanding quality of brand, it's rest assured you've experianced the Lodwick experiance. He's the sole creator / mind behind video host Vimeo, the first HD video service of it's kind, and he's co-ceo of all the above companies. A inspiration in and of itself, you could call Jakob Lodwick web 2.0 genius. Good job, sir.

4. Markus Persson - He's a videogame developer who soley developed and released the game Minecraft. The videogame is selling 250,000 units per day at $13 a pop. He worked on and collaborated on other videogame works for years prior his own project. At the age of 7, his father bought a Commodore 64 and purchased computer magazines about code writing. At 8, Markus made his first game, a text adventure. So if you're planning to be a entrepreneur on the web in 2010 or beyond, try to research and find out more about Markus - Because, really - He's a millionaire. Why can't you be? 

5. Branchr - A advertising agency, the Branchr website is the last place you'd think I'd mention. but you have to ask yourself - what multi-millionaire dollar company is run by someone 15-years-old? Due to lack of resources, I can't find much to tell you about him. but in summary: At the age of 15, the founder of Branchr was inspired by Apple's Steve Jobs to create his own website with loose change he made through allowance with only one goal: Earn a million dollars. And in less than two years, he's accomplished the feat. Now he's going for a billion dollars in an annual year. Check him out:


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