Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This week's edition of Danny's Biz - Are we living in a Latvian World?

Dear World and Latvia - Here's a gorgeous picture of a location in Latvia, it's a city surpassed by none I've seen throughout Europe:

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For a country as plentiful and filled with beautiful cities and the best athletic programs in the world, Latvia is also the best bouncing back country since the near recession of the Bush Administration as anyone can view from Europe, U.S or Germany is concerning. With a job rate dropping dramatically every month (Most recent of this posting is less than 14% from August '10) it's a exciting time to live within Latvia and meet and connect with it's people as anytime. So, with this mind followers, I'd encourage you all to research and maybe plan a trip to Latvia. Good locations, Good people and Fine women! Anyway, in my timezone it's close to bed and I'll need to stop here to follow-up in 2-3 more editions about Latvia in the future. It's been a pleasure. This is D. Gomez signing off. Good fight and Goodnight.

Trivia fact related to Latvia. [FAKE] This message is provided to you by - "Know your meme and shut your mouth brother": In June 2008, a current world record set by Latvian business students with 1,911 simultaneous geysers for the experiment Diet Vs. Mentos (2002) was set.


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