Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Newest single by Lauris Reiniks "I Will Run"

Music Review - Pop Edition!
The newest single is comparable to a hokey Gogol Bordello meets watered down Lens Lekman
This song was written with the intent to give the similar vibe Nickelback, Jason Mraz and Lady Gaga's pop songs provide: To cause it's listeners to recieve cancerous lesions in their brain. Judging from this song, it sounds like he's imitating a poor man's Gogol Bordello, a Ukrainian Gypsy punk band. but Lauris Reiniks takes it even further! In his music video, a dance sequence with a ton of gorgeous gals appear. So he's trying to appeal to the mainstream Hip-Hop crowd and teenie boppers. In conclusion, if you like your music to treat you like most women, pick up his piece of shit record and enjoy listening. Recommended: Jens Lekman. He's a better artist than this fuck ever will be.

D. Gomez signing off.


Even said...

Beautiful. Simply beautiful!

beck said...

pretty decent music

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